Written by: Lisette Gutker de Geus Last update: 22 March 2024
We deliver CO2 neutral through our official partnership with Shopify, Mast Reforestation and Grassroots Carbon. Below I will explain this in more detail
What is CO2 neutral shipping? Transporting your orders consumes CO2. This increases the greenhouse effect and leads to global warming. CO2 neutral shipping means that we fully compensate the amount of CO2 caused by processing and shipping your order. So how do we do this? For every order we receive, a special formula is used to calculate the estimated emissions from shipping. Based on these estimates, part of our revenue goes to official "carbon removal companies." These are companies that have been vetted by scientists at Carbon Direct. Those companies use that money to remove the amount of CO2 our shipments have caused. All the extra money goes toward further development of CO2 removal technologies Our partners Through a partnership with Shopify , we are currently working with Mast reforestation and Grassroots Carbon Together with mast reforestation we are planting trees, focused on areas where there have been forest fires. Read more on their website Together with Grassroot carbon we are improving soil health and storing CO2 in the soil which we reward farmers for. This not only helps remove CO2 from the atmosphere. It also contributes to pasture ecology regeneration, soil health, soil water storage and biodiversity. Read more on their website
30 day washing trial We know you're going to love washing with Mother's Earth laundry sheets, but we understand you're not sure right now. That's why we're offering a 30-day trial period. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your Mother's Earth laundry sheets, even after 30 days of using, you can return it for a full refund.