Together we make a difference

By Lisette Gutker de Geus

Last Updated: 13 November 2023

My name is Lisette. I started Mother's Earth because I saw how our planet is deteriorating.

Every day I saw images of pollution, animal cruelty, poverty and neglect.

This gave me such a powerless feeling

Do you recognise that, too? That prevailing feeling of "Surely I can and should be able to make a positive and changing contribution to this?"

However, when I became aware that I, as well as you (or we), can indeed make a difference by changing our behaviour, this feeling of powerlessness changed.

Turning our emotions into decisiveness, action, positive impact and hope

With Mother's Earth we want to make this difference, together with you.

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Laundry detergent is one of the most requested items at shelters and charities

Every purchase of Mother's Earth laundry strips allows us to donate five loads of laundry detergent to a partner of your choice, supporting those who are making a positive impact on people and animals in need.

You decide where your donations make a difference. Discover the amazing organisations participating in our IMPACT program by clicking below.

You choose where your donations go

Help cats in need

Help Dogs in Need

Help people in need

Help exotic mammals

We believe that every small act of kindness has the ability to create a ripple effect, and that's why we are committed to giving back to the causes that matter most to you and countless others.

With our IMPACT program, we donate 5 sheets per purchase to one of our partners who help people & animals in need. Every purchase you make contributes to a better world for people and animals.

When you use Mother's Earth laundry sheets in your daily life, remember that you are not only taking care of your family's laundry, but you are also making a positive impact on the lives of people in need and on the world we all share.

Thank you for being part of our journey to create a kinder, more compassionate world. Together we are changing lives, one wash at a time.


CO2 Neutral Shipping,

from factory to the front door

We deliver carbon neutral through our official partnership with Shopify, Mast Reforestation and Grassroots Carbon. In which we support reforestation and soil sequestration, among other things.

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What we accomplished



More than 10,000+ gallons of water saved

Traditional liquid detergents often consist of 80%-90% water. Every Mother's Earth purchase contributes to water conservation and waste reduction.


Preventing 5,000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills and in our oceans

Choosing Mother's Earth instead of plastic alternatives helps reduce waste and prevents large plastic bottles from polluting landfills and oceans.


Planting 1,000 trees!

Semen with our partners Mast Reforestation and Grassroots Carbon Focussing on reforestation and restoring previously damaged land. Every tree we plant plays a vital role in regenerating our planet.


More than 2,000 washes donated

Our commitment goes beyond our planet; we give back to people & animals in need with our IMPACT program