Why 5,000+ people choose Mother's Earth laundry sheets Join the laundry revolution and step away from expensive, old-fashioned, polluting detergents for good
Price per wash
Free of plastic
Stain removing enzymes
Plant based
Skin-friendly ingredients
Easy to dose
Money back guarantee
Easy to take on the go
Donates to charitable causes
Mothers Earth
*Prices are based on current offers and a small wash. May vary.
Why more than 5,000+ people are fans
I love this product
I love this product. Our laundry never smelled better. It is easy to use and no waste. Perfect for my family.
10 hours ago
A clean, fresh laundry
I had a clean wash me a full drum and half a wash cloth. But the laundry was not heavily soiled. Then I would use the whole cloth. I am very satisfied!
Erna van Eck,
1 day ago
The best!
The scent is lovely before and after washing and it washes clean and “green”🍀
4 hours ago
I was skeptical but it really is a great product! Fully support companies like this! Good for humans animal and environment
1 day ago
What a nice product
It smells wonderfully fresh and washes nice and clean. Everything a detergent should do.
3 days ago
Super product
Super! Received really quickly and my difficult mother really likes it too. The scent sticks well and the laundry is completely clean. Also a very good saving
Amen ojo,
2 days ago
Easy to use
Easy to use. Laundry becomes clean, smells nice and is soft. I am satisfied. And especially happy that the cats also benefit from it. Top!
10 hours ago
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55 reviews
5 Reasons Why 5000+ People Are Fans Discover the benefits of our plant-based fabric softener, stain remover, and detergent in 1
Stop plastic pollution
Free of plastic and made from 100% biodegradable ingredients
Most eco-friendly detergent on the market
Protect our marine life and nature
Affordable & effective
Plant based fabric softener, stain remover, and detergent in 1
Dissolves easily in hot and cold water. 10 - 90 degrees
Suitable for any type of washing machine
For all colors of laundry & types of textiles (except wool and silk)
Powerful cleaning
Contains special plant based cleaning enzyme "Protease"
Removes toughest stains & odors
Enjoy clean, fresh, silky-smooth laundry
Leaves no residue on your clothes
Good for your skin & health
No more skin complaints
Safe, plant-based formula
Suitable for babies and people with eczema/sensitive skin
Free of chemical ingredients
What we add to make it powerful
Vegetable Stain Remover Protease
Enzyme that breaks down proteins
Removes toughest stains
Removes unpleasant odors
What we leave out (that others leave in)
What we add to it
Vegetable Fabric Softener Glycerine
Brengt vocht in de kleding
Keeps clothes soft and supple
Helps distribute detergent
What we leave out
What we add to it
Thorough Cleaning Saponinen
Natural detergent
Removes dirt and stains
Cleans your clothes thoroughly
What we leave out
Compact and lightweight
No more heavy plastic detergent bottles
Saves huge amounts of storage space
Perfect for taking with you when traveling, camping, or on the go
Perfect for people with joint and back pain or people of age
How it works Easy dosing and no more mess
Ultrageconcenteerd, millieuvriendelijk wasmiddel is zo simpel
1. Put your laundry in the washing machine
2. Take a laundry sheet and place it on your laundry
3. Experience the difference in convenience & results for yourself!
I was skeptical at first but it works just as well as my normal detergent
Read the hundreds of satisfied messages Placeholder
30 day washing trial We know you're going to love washing with Mother's Earth laundry sheets, but we understand you're not sure right now. That's why we're offering a 30-day trial period. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your Mother's Earth laundry sheets, even after 30 days of using, you can return it for a full refund.
For every purchase we donate 10 washes to a charity, on your behalf
Help cats in need
Help dogs in need
Help victims of domestic violance
Support exotic animals in need
Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our laundry strips are specially designed to dissolve completely in water, leaving no residue on your clothes or in your machine. They are also formulated to be gentle on fabrics and work in all types of machines, including high-efficiency models. You can trust Mother's Earth to keep your clothes and your machine in top condition!

No, with our laundry strips you no longer need a separate stain remover. Because we have added a special plant-based "cleaning enzyme" that breaks down the proteins that stains are made up of, you can use our laundry strips to remove the most stubborn stains. Check out our Stain Removal page here to see how you can specifically remove all stains

No, our laundry strips do not contain your "regular" fabric softener. We've added a plant-based ingredient called Glycerin which infuses moisture into your clothes and leaves your laundry feeling silky soft. It does not damage your washing machine and laundry like normal "regular" fabric softener does. In addition, it is plant-based and is not full of chemical ingredients and animal fat like normal "regular" fabric softener. So a much better option!

Our wax strips are specially made for every color of wax. It makes all colors (including black and white) shine beautifully again. We do not recommend using it for wool and silk laundry.

Our laundry strips can be used for any textile only we do not recommend using it for wool and silk

Because we believe in our product you can test wash it for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money without any hassle or questions, so you can test it risk-free.

Yes. Our fragrance free laundry strip is specially made for babies and people with allergies. These laundry strips contain no perfume, and are free of harmful parabens, bleach, dye, & phosphates present in many detergents.

Yes! Our wax strips and packaging are 100% biodegradable according to OECD 301B legislation.

With every purchase you make, we donate 5 free wax strips to one of our partners of your choice Right now you can choose from a cat shelter, dog shelter, and shelter for women and children of domestic violence

Orders ordered on weekdays before 23:59 will be delivered the next day Weekend orders will be delivered on Monday

We know you're going to love washing with Mother's Earth wax strips, but we understand you're not sure right now That's why we offer a 30-day trial period. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your Mother's Earth wax strips, even after 30 days, you can return it for a full refund. Simply email us at support@mothersearth.com and we'll help you out

Yes! We want to make our subscription as easy as possible for you so you can pause, change, or cancel it at any time free of charge

Yes! We deliver CO2 neutral through our official partnership with Shopify, Mast Reforestation and Grassroots Carbon. In which we support reforestation and soil sequestration, among other things. Read more here

Good question! We are a small family business that believes that together with our customers we can make the world a holistically better place That the small contributions we make together add up to a huge impact on our earth, and people & animals in need Your experience at Mother's Earth is our top priority, and you always come first with us. Below is a summary of how we differentiate ourselves - The 30-day risk-free trial wash. Where you can try our great product without risk - A better product than our competition. Our wax strips are larger which provides more washing power and more smell after washing - We give back to people and animals in need. On your behalf, we donate 5 wax strips with every purchase to a partner of your choice. This is completely free for your and our way of giving back. Your small deeds are important.